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Qld Register your pool or spa

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All pools and spas in Queensland need to be registered. Fines of up to $2000 may apply if your pool or spa is not registered by 4 November 2011. To check if your pool or spa is registered, simply conduct a property search on the pool register tool.

Enter your property details. The register will validate the address entered and will advise if the pool or spa is registered and if there is a valid pool safety certificate attached to the property.

Please note: If your address is not recognised, try registering your pool using 'Lot on plan' option (above 'Street address' on the register). Lot on plan details are recorded on your rates notice. For example, if the rates notice describes the lot as 'Lot 1 on RP 234567', then enter '1RP1234' as the 'lot on plan', or 'Lot 2 on SP 345678' will be entered as '2SP345678'.

If the register states no pools or spas are recorded against this property, click on ‘alert the Pool Safety Council’ and enter the number of pools and spas located on the property.

Register your pool or spa
Frequently asked questions on registering your pool or spa

By using this method, your obligations to register your pool or spa will be satisfied even though the registration will not show up automatically on the pools register. The information emailed to the department will then be uploaded onto the database.

Inspector search

Pool owners seeking a pool safety certificate will need to contact a licensed swimming pool safety inspector to arrange an inspection. The register includes a list of licensed pool safety inspectors.

Search for a swimming pool safety inspector

Property search

The pool safety register has been developed under the new pool safety laws. The register is being populated with local governments' records of regulated pools across Queensland.

The deadline for pool registration has been extended by six months to enable the government and the community to focus on flood and cyclone recovery efforts. Pool owners now have until 4 November 2011 to ensure their pool is registered. Penalties of up to $2000 will apply after this time.

If the register shows that there is a current pool safety certificate for a property this can be relied on for any sale or lease of a regulated pool.

You can now begin a search for a property and view details of the most recent pool safety certificate if one has been issued for that property.

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Registered users

Swimming pool safety inspectors must log in using the login box at the top right of this page to issue a pool safety certificate and update account details.

Inspector registration

Individuals can apply to become a licensed pool safety inspector if they have completed a pool safety inspector course training from an eligible course provider, passed the department’s pool safety inspector test, and have obtained the required professional indemnity insurance.

Pool safety inspector application checklist (PDF icon 45 KB)

Apply to be an inspector

What are regulated pools?

Regulated pools include pools associated with:

  • houses
  • units and unit complexes
  • motels
  • hotels
  • hostels
  • backpacker accommodation and short term accommodations
  • caravan parks
  • mobile van parks.

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